My Website or Blog not Coming in Google Search Results? Why?

My Website or Blog not Coming in Google Search Results? Why?

If you came on this page it means you are also struggling for visitors from Google search results. Now days anybody can make a website or blog, but it’s very difficult to manage SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing (facebook, twitter etc) and content (hand written posts and original images.

If you are managing everything and still your website or blog not coming in Google Search results then you should check few points carefully.

First of all, check in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results that your blog or website indexed or not. Here are methods.

Search your domain in search engine by “” , here change to your domain, and see how many pages indexed by search engines (Yahoo, bing, Google).

My Website or Blog not Coming in Google Search Results?

If your site isn’t appearing in Google search results, then it may be some problem. Check these few points.

Google / Bing / Yahoo has not indexed your site (May launched new) — Create Google Analytics account or submit your site url to all search engines. You can also use ping services.

Your website isn’t optimized for search engine crawling — Check your website Meta tag, keywords, title, device resolution and other things.

Your keyword market is very competitive — Include some unique keywords with popular keywords, you can try Google keyword planner.

Your website has “no index” tags, means you have blocked your website by no index tag in Meta. — Check Meta in your header area and remove no index tag if it is there.

Your website may be penalized and removed from Google- It happens sometime due to bad habits. bad habits included, Irrelevant keywords, copy content, copy images, copyright volition, prohibited content, illegal software’s or license etc. so don’t do it.

Additional tips for increase Google rank:

Do on-site optimization for your site.

Do off-site optimization for your blog or website.

Keyword selection should be as per your website content. Use popular keywords with some unique keyword. You can also use meta-tags to add more keywords in your site.

Create a listing for your site on Google My Business if your site related to service or products.

in last, I must say that your website or blog should be responsive for mobile users because 59% of Indian access the mobile internet daily.


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