How to Setup FTP for Opencart in 3 Easy Steps?

Opencart FTP Fix :

Here I will take your too much time, simply tell you that how to setup FTP in opencart opensource shopping cart system. First login to your domain & hosting C-Panel. You will see given below options or icons.

Go to File Section and find “FTP Accounts” – Just click here. like below

image-1 – step-1

Now you will see new window, here you can create FTP account. You can give any name or password and keep note in notepad.

image-2 – step-2

Once you create FTP account then login to your opencart website admin cpanel and go to :

Settings >> Edit >> and click on FTP tab like below image.

Now fill the same information here which  you have noted in your notepad file. like ftp host name, ftp user name and ftp password.  Opencart FTP port remain same as 21.

If you have installed your opencart in webhosting root folder then keep blank “FTP Root” option. or if you have installed opencart in any folder then give folder name in “FTP Root”.

image-3 – step-3

Enable FTP “Yes” and save this setting. now to go to Extension installer and upload your file. It will be installed.

image-4 – final conclusion


If you got any error or problem then please let me know by comment. I will give you free support as much I can.

If possible please do not forget to share this post for help other opencart lovers.

Thank you


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