(Solved) Best Trick if you’re Opencart Emails Not Working.

If you have installed Opencart 2.0 or Opencart 2.1 version and having trouble related to email notifications for example if your Opencart customer not receiving email, or Opencart contact form not sending emails then here is simple solution. We are already using it for our all clients, you can also try it.

First create a email Id from your hosting account and download email configuration file with SMTP and its login details.

Now Login to your Opencart Admin panel and visit

System >> Settings >> Mail

Change your settings same as below

Mail Protocol = Select “SMTP”

Mail parameters = enter your email with “-f” for example “[email protected]

SMTP Hostname = enter SMTP or outgoing server details. For example “mail.example.com” or “smtp.example.com”

SMTP Username = enter your email id. For Example “[email protected]

SMTP Password = enter your email password

SMTP Port = 25

SMTP timeout = 5

We are waiting for your comments if it is helpful or not.



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