What is Affiliate Marketing? & Startup tips

Hello Friends, when I suggest to new entrepreneurs to make blogging carrier as full time business. They always ask questions like how to earn money online? But there are many ways to earn money by blog, and today I am going to tell you about Affiliate Marketing. In ValSolution blog section most of readers / subscribers asking questions related to Affiliate Marketing. Questions are what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it works?


So in this article, I will let you know the basics of affiliate marketing, that how it is important for a affiliated publisher and also for advertisers.

For those companies who offer affiliate programs, this could be best ways to receive free promotion of products and services by little commission after complete sales. For example on coupon websites you see custom coupons and deal links, these are really affiliate links which refer you to advertisers’ website to make sales.

What is affiliate marketing??

Affiliate marketing is very simple way to making money online, for example if you are publisher or blogger and you help someone to promote their product and business on your site then that person give some reward, that is Affiliate marketing basically. Here I will try to tell you best affiliate marketing tips.

How does affiliate marketing works?
There is number of forms of affiliate marketing, you can promote business, products or services on your blog. so when someone follow your promoted links and buy some services/products then you will get commissions.
Many online companies who offer web hosting, domains services, selling products clothes or electronics offer an affiliate program.

Just simply you can sign up for the program and get unique tracking code or link to refer visitors. if your visitor buy any service or product you will get a commission for that.

There is another form of affiliate marketing where you can earn commission by referring visitors to promoters’ website as a sign up (New customer).
In this form promoters get new customers and website traffic.

You can also refer visitors to complete a survey where visitor leave a name and email address with complete process of survey.

In this form visitors have to complete survey provided by companies, because many companies wanted to know that what current requirement of customers / visitors is. They create a database of complete survey to make company better according to current customer choice and uses.

Here are some common terms associated with affiliate marketing:

Normal Affiliates: Publishers like you and me use affiliate program links to promote products and services to make sales.
Affiliate software: Many company using affiliate software to promote their business and create an affiliate programs for his services and products for example: Widehosting.in http://resellers.widehosting.in/

Affiliate marketplace: There are many affiliate marketplace available on internet like shareasale, clickbank,Amazon Associates, etc which work as a marketplace for different-different promoters. You can promote products and services according to your blog content.

Affiliate Commission percentage: The amount or percentage you will be receiving in affiliate income from every sale you referred.

2-tier affiliate marketing: I think this is best way to make money online because you earn money when you refer visitor for sale, also you refer publisher like If I recommend you to join an affiliate program and you makes a sale then you will earn commission also I will earn some commission. You can say it is chain system which works for long time income if you are not active for sometime on your blog.

Landing pages: This type of page mostly create for increase sales, I think you already checked on coupon websites there are many landing page links (Deal page).

Custom coupons: Many online websites allow affiliates to create custom coupons which are also used to track sales / revenue. Custom discount coupons help you to increase affiliate sales as well.
But before start working with affiliate program, make sure you promote products and services according to your blog content to make maximum sale and earn money online.

Affiliate ID: It is also similar to the affiliate link, many affiliate programs provides unique link or unique affiliate ID, which they use to track your referred sales and visitors.

For example this blog post is related to web services, and every users visit this blog to read about web services. If I promote a coupon or deal related to web service, that person easy to go for buy. Because you have to understand your visitors needs. that’s it.
Because I understand every time should be in your mind that you are helping peoples not making fools. When you will start helping to others, they trust you.

Is Affiliate Marketing Illegal?
No it is not illegal in any way, it is only marketing trick which give commission to publisher for successful sales.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?
It depends on advertisers or promoters but in 95% affiliate programs are free, why they will charge you because they want your help to increase their business and they pay you for that.

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